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Dear Parent,

        Greetings and Wishes,

      You, the parent, know the child’s temperament, personality, ability, talents, special needs, etc., which makes him or her a unique individual. Parents care and worry about their children so much. Choosing the most suitable environment is probably one of the most significant decisions for parents.

        I thank the parents for choosing Sri Venkateswara Matriculation Higher Secondary School as their right choice for their children.

       These days, children have their own firm opinions. Discuss it together. Try to get your child’s thinking on his or her needs. Talk to your child’s teachers. They will have much to contribute and will be able to make significant recommendations. However, they cannot make a decision for your child. The school environment, teachers and parents have collective responsibility to help, promote and provide the children’s need and their expectations. I have no doubt that our students will get their their thrust fulfilled, and their vision bestirred. They would attain higher levels of educational and professional achievements.

      As a school community we are working hard to ensure that your children receive the finest instruction possible. We have high expectations for our students as we lift them to a higher academic and facilitation level. But we need your help in this regard. The student’s Diary is a valuable link between child’s learning at school and his activities at home. It tells you about your child’s progress and participation in all activities. For this, the child is advised to bring the Diary to school every day. We expect the parents to go through the Diary everyday and respond to the message written by the Teachers. Parents can also communicate any message to the Teacher through the Diary.

     All necessary details of information about the rules and regulations of the school are given in it. All parents are requested to attend the Parent Teacher Council Meeting regularly to receive the updated information on their children’s academic progress.

       Working together makes a child receive quality education. Please do co operate.

Thank you.




Dear Parent,

    Greetings and Wishes,


    It is my immense pleasure to give this message.


  The realities of schools today is unique and challenging. There are external as well as internal influences that shape the future of a student.

   As a student, I have expereienced the impact of various forms of education. As a parent, I connect with other parent's concern and issues they face everyday.

   As a teacher, I hold in my hands my experience to share with my faculty and now as an administrator, I am enthusiastic about putting all the above together and being a resource for every one.

   I believe that students come first and every student can suceed. My vision is to focus on all students achieving educational excellence, through a rich curriculum and respectful atmosphere. By building on a strong sense of community, inspiring teachers and a commitment to character, we would prepare our students to become strong participants and leaders in the world community. Education has travelled from Gurukulam system to E-learning. So teachers must update to face the 21st Century learners.

Thank You

M. Balasubramanian

​Vice Principal