A child's development not only depends upon what he/she learns, but also how and where it is described. A child learns to give its knowledge and skills by opening up opportunities as per its level. We choice out such opportunities in the means of competitions that exhibit their speaking skills, creativity, aesthetic senses and practical experience.


Books written by various authors and publishers are issued to the children in order to enhance their reading, speaking and listening skills. We also conduct book exhibitions, storytelling events conducted and participated by international story tellers and learned professionals for the benefit of the little ones.



Clay modeling: 

Fine motor development and pre-writing skills are enhanced excellently in the Clay modeling activities. Venkateswara nursery and primary wing has opened up infinite evidences to prove the same. Many creative models pertaining to the various religious and national festivals are done by our venkateswaran kids henceforth their talents are applauded officially by the management in the terms of certificates and medals.




Creative & Poem writing


As said before, speaking comes not through knowing everything, but the way we reciprocate to the audience by the means of proper communication.

Creative & poem writing:

Each year is crafted in Venkateswaran era with creative writing on various projects. Poems and stories help children in projecting their linguistic skills and language Fluency. We are the gateway for this integration and we immensely happy and pleasured to see kids coming up with flying colours. Our special appreciation to the trained mentors who are always the backbones of such hidden talents.

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Clay Modelling


Olympiad competitions are conducted by various reputed schools where our children give their active participations in various academic fields viz., Computer techniques, mathematics, general knowledge, scientific researches, linguistics and literature. Children won not only medals and certificates but also have collected cash prizes and scholarships too. It's another feather in Victorious Venkateswara nursery and primary crew. Many parents and students make use of such opportunities. Children also present speeches in various stage shows and events and glitter with their elegancy.