​​​#9, Tulsi Garden, Chelliamman Koil Street, Ambattur, Chennai - 58.

​Ph : 044-26820440, 26821476




        The School was founded to enrich our Nation, particularly Tamil Nadu with efficient, patriotic, result oriented and prudent students from the working sector where most of the parents are not highly educated. We admit students without looking into their parents qualification and economic status. In due course, we intend to upgrade this School into a Research Centre for the Teacher Training course and to make this institution as one of the best institutions in India. Student Counselling will be one of the core subjects in this Research Centre.



​​      True education is training both the head and heart. Learn to learn and then unlearn. One could have good grades and degree and not know much. Its imperative to combine disparate disciplines and get creative. This exploration hand in hand with ethics gives way to holistic development and an individual ready to get on with the world full of challenges and opportunities. Our Mission is to create such a world where the child is made aware of his/her own passion for life.